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Hi Team,

I have the below query related to PXE build issue in SCCM environment.

> If multiple boot image packages are distributed to DP, which boot image package client will get during a PXE boot. The “Deploy this boot image for PXE enabled DP” option is checked in the boot image to distribute all the boot packages to the DP.

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    I might be mistaken but the machine which you are booting over PXE is added to a certain collection.
    That collection has a task sequence deployed.
    In the task sequence property whatever boot image you have configured the machine will boot with that automatically.
    This scenario will differ if you have multiple boot image deployed to a single machine which is part of different task sequence collections.

  1. Hi Tanmay, Is the all available boot Image content distributed to same DPs?

    If the boot Image is distributed to DP “XYZ” With option enabled “Deploy this boot image for PXE enabled DP”. The site location added to DP ” XYZ” Will receive the boot image.

    As per mine observation, Incase of multiple boot image distribution has placed for DP “XYZ”. Generally A conflict occurs, In that case when we will restart the WDS services from DP, It will try to keep changing the boot image Package IDs.

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