PXE-E23: Client Received TFTP error from server


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I have setup SCCM 2103 environment in Azure with Primary Server in east US region and Secondary site in India region and PXE Enabled DP in one of the office of India. I have created the Windows 10v21H1 Image and injected updates in image also created one required Driver Package and required applications for deployment with Task Sequence. The content of all of the same including x64 boot image has been distributed to the PXE Enabled DP. The required firewall ports are also opened. I have provided the following folder path from PXE Enabled DP as booth file path D:RemoteInstallBootx64 to network team. However when I am trying to PXE boot the system, it is getting error PXE-E23: Client Received TFTP error. I have attached the screenshot of SMSPXE.log. Please let me know, if anyone has came across this kind of issue and possible solution for the same.

Thanks in Advance !

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  1. We have discussed this in one of our older forum questions.

    pxe-e23: client received TFTP error from server

    Please check if DHCP scope is configured properly like ip address of dp and file path is proper . And also check machine is getting correct boot image .As MS. recommended do not DHCP scope . always use IP helper.


      Hi Anoop,

      Thank you for your response. The system on which I was running the PXE boot is able to receive the IP Address from DHCP server. During PXE boot process I am able to see that PXE start over IPv4 on the MAC Address of the system and IP address assigned to the system. Also I am able to see the IP Address of the secondary site and NBP filename with boot file path i.e. \\ServerName\RemoteInstall\Boo\x64\wdnsbp.com from local DP server. Post that I am getting error, NBP file size is 0 Bytes, followed by error, PXE-E23: Client Received TFTP error from server. The system I am using for PXE boot is UEFI based systems. So I have also changed the NBP file name with the help of network team instead of wdnsbp.com to wdsmgfw.efi and Bootmgfw.efi still issue persists. As you have provided the similar thread, I will check the suggestions mentioned in the thread by Jitesh and I will update this this thread. Meanwhile, could you please confirm which NBP file (wdnsbp.com, wdsmgfw.efi , Bootmgfw.efi or any other file from remaining files?) needs to be pointed at Network end ?

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