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I have been facing an issue with the reinstallation of WDS. Due to an ongoing issue i had to remove the PXE option from one of the site server which has the MP and DP role enabled on it.Below are the steps i have performed:

> Went to the properties of DP of a remote site server

  • untick the enable PXE checkbox on the distribution point. Answer yes that you want to remove the Windows Deployment service.
  • remove your boot images from your distribution point
  • After 5 minutes. Delete %windir%temp
  • check with server manager if you can add/remove roles on the server. If WDS is done uninstalling there is a pending boot.Reboot!!!
  • check if the remoteinstall folder is located on your system. If it is delete it.
  • reboot
  • Add the PXE point again by checking the box on the distribution point properties. Check the distrmgr.log and see if the remoteinstall folder reappers..
  • Send the boot images to the distribution points again.

Upon doing the below options i checked the remote install folder and it doesn’t contain all the subfolder within it i checked the WDS service from services.msc and it is set to automatic and i tried to run it but got the error as i can not start it.

I am stuck at a point where i am not sure what i should do and how to get out of here?? Kindly assist.

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    HI Anoop/Deepak,

    My apologies for the late reply but thanks to “Anoop” links the steps was extensive and vast so it took me little time to get back to you on this :).

    Yes we were able to restart the WDS services finally but we checked and found some DLL files were corrupted for the services so we took that file from the working DP WDS and copied it in the non working WDS.

    Also we had to re configure the WDS all over again from the scratch and then “BAM” the services restarted without any issues.

    Still we have issue with the PXE at one of the location where this site server is located but the issue with the WDS services is resolved .

    So thanks a lot “Anoop” for again following up with me and giving that amazing link which helped us a great deal in narrow this up to the root cause.

    Hope to have your rich experience and guidance in coming days too :).



    Your troubleshooting steps seems to quite good

    I don’t have anything to add here

    only thing helpful is to go through the following posts and follow each and every step

    Troubleshooting PXE boot issues in Configuration Manager

    Let me know where did you get stuck



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      Hi Anoop,

      Thanks for the kind words i have done it collecting all of your previous article so all credit goes to you for this :).

      Anoop Thanks for the guidance and sharing the informative link i would go through all the steps mentioned in all those article and return back to you with the outcomes :).


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