Require SQL query for office installated on user device with version & bit


Require SQL query for office installated on user device with version & bit

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    This is some related to inverted comma’s in copying and pasting, can you check the single inverted commas are correct.

    See the below example


    Hi Ankit,

    I am sorry to interrupt.

    I just copied the above SQL query in sql data base but the below error popped up while executing it. pls suggest.

    Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 2
    Incorrect syntax near ‘‘’.


    Use below query

    Distinct sys.Name0 as ‘MachineName’,
    sys.User_Name0 as ‘UserName’,
    sys.Operating_System_Name_and0 as ‘Operating System’,
    App.ARPDisplayName0 as ‘DisplayName’,
    App.ProductVersion0 as ‘Product Version’,
    case when App.ARPDisplayName0 like ‘Microsoft Office 365%’ then ‘Office 365’
    when (App.ARPDisplayName0 like ‘Microsoft Office Profess%2013%’ or App.ARPDisplayName0 like ‘Microsoft Office Standard 2013%’) then ‘Office 2013’
    when (App.ARPDisplayName0 like ‘Microsoft Office Profess%2010%’ or App.ARPDisplayName0 like ‘Microsoft Office Standars 2010%’) then ‘Office 2010’
    Else ‘Other Version’
    End as ‘Office Version Category’
    from V_R_System sys
    INNER JOIN v_GS_INSTALLED_SOFTWARE App ON sys.ResourceID = App.ResourceID
    Where App.ARPDisplayName0 like ‘Microsoft Office 365%’ or App.ARPDisplayName0 like ‘Microsoft Office Profes%’
    or App.ARPDisplayName0 like ‘Microsoft Office Standar%’
    order by sys.Name0, App.ProductVersion0

    Best answer

    The first RDL file doesn’t require hardware inventory changes, if this also doesn’t work for you let me know will share the SQL query


    Hi Ankit,

    We can’t do any changes in hardware inventory without client approval.So I require SQL query for this.

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