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In my environment i have a x64 boot file with 4 Additional Network Drivers & background image added in it. now i am adding 5th new network driver to the same boot file and before doing it i have backed-up boot.wim file (from the boot file path mentioned in its properties) to network location.

Now, my doubt is suppose after adding new drivers to x64 boot file if something goes wrong, how to restore it ? do i need to create a new boot file with backed-up copy of wim file ? will it have all 4 old drivers or i have to add it again ? or i can just place/replace the backed-up wim file to its original location ?

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    I hope you are not performing any of these activities on your default boot image which gets created as soon as you setup your SCCM infrastructure.

  1. If I understand your question correctly, you can remove the drivers from Boot Image

    – Edit the properties of the newly created boot image.
    – The drivers that you add or remove can include network or storage drivers.

    You can do it without impacting any other existing boot images


      OK, i’ll give you another scenario… suppose if i add 4 network Drivers in x64 Boot file & update boot image to all DPs. Then i copy the .wim file of this x64 boot image and create another boot image using this copied .wim file, are those 4 network drivers will be there or i have to add it again ? because i don’t see any drivers in the Properties of this new boot image.

      • Let me know how you add drivers to boot image
        give me a glimpse of that process

      • Hello Mayur,

        If you’re making a copy of existing custom Boot Image (.Wim) file and recreating Boot Image with same copied (.wim) file. You won’t be able to see drivers in “Boot Image Properties”.

        As when you adding driver from console level, changes aren’t directly applied to boot Image. This resultant you may notice there will be extra files created in boot Image stored location (Data Source) labled with boot image package id, For Example –

        Changes are applied to this created file when you update the image.
        This is what I had experienced, more awaiting for details from you as asked.

        Best answer

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