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Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are doing safe and sound :).

Need your expertise regarding some task that we want to accomplish in this Covid and I hope someone’s experience could help me out with it.

from anyone’s experience, what would be the best way of installing SCCM client on machines VIA VPN?

Copy media local v central…. Etc

Targeting client machines?… currently, the hostnames do not resolve to IP if connected over VPNest to go about installing on clients via VPN? Copy media local v central…. Etc.

installing a client over VPN is anyway different than installing it over LAN? Would the client push work over VPN? Is there any specific setting we have to fulfill as a prerequisite to have it installed over VPN if “currently, the hostnames do not resolve to IP if connected over VPN”

Thanking in advance.

Arvind Dubey

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    Hi Ankit,

    Thanks again for your time :).

    Yes, the client push has some issues as the server won’t resolve the IP address of the name of the client so we are getting this checked with the network team.

    NO, we are just planning to push the client over VPN considering multiple people are working from home due to COVID.Is there a way we can push the package on a collection from SCCM without any third-party tool?

    Could it be possible to do it as a package push?

    Arvind Dubey


    Hello Arvind,

    There are many ways you can achieve this
    1. Have you tried to install client using client push, I think it will work for you.
    2. I assume it is a client upgrade so you can create a package of client installation and target on machines.
    3. You can try with third party tools like Collection commander and install the client on bulk machines.

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