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i have integrated MS Dart into MDT and OSD. i have added it to my boot image. when i test a system using USB Boot I am able to use dart remote viewer. but when i try to PXE or USB boot a machine on our build VLans i get an error while connecting. make sure teh ip address and port number are valid and try again. error code: -2092621306. i havent been able to find anything on this. i am wondering if its a firewall issues possibly because we have network segmentation setup up.

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Joe Terracciano 5 months 2021-03-02T18:06:35+05:30 7 Answers 41 views Beginner 0

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    so the properties for with-in MDT i have event port 9800 and data 9801. but when i am able to connect to a machine it connects on port 49669


      So both of those ports ( 9800 & 9801) are opened for DaRT communication?

      I think you can get the actual port details from DartConfig.dat file

      The next option to take a network trace and analyze


        they look to be open. i am checking to see if it works on other vlans to get our network team to look into it.


        so what i am noticing is that the machines dont work when i look at the remote connection i see only a ipv6 option but machines i can connect to have both ipv6 and ipv4. on the machine with only ipv6 if i open cmd and do an ipconfig i see the system has an ipv4 address.


      Only try to understand the security of DaRT, has your security team approved it?
      Also what about clients over internet i dont think it can support that scenario.

      Just curious to know.


    On which port you are connecting to DaRT 49670?

    I have tried to run portquery to check whether the network connection is on?

    Have you already checked

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