Search is not working after imaging (Windows 10_1909)


Hello Team,

we have a task sequence for windows 10_1809 and i have copy the same changes required part. Like OS image(1909), Application,Driver packages and language pack also. After run the TS system is working fine with default language (English) but search is not working for other languages (Fr,Fi,Gb) also some wrong value showing in display settings. How i can start troubleshooting on this.




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    Thanks for the answer… Yes, Both have pros and cons. Let how we can move forward.

    Thanks all for your input and help.


    This is the known issue and has been addressed by MS.
    How you are using language pack, are you using them in TS?
    MS suggests that either you insert the language pack inside wim file using dism or if you want you use language pack in TS then post language pack installation add the step for installation of latest cumulative update.
    This will resolve the issue, however installing LCU will increase the build time by 15-20 minutes.
    I use dism to insert language pack offline into wim file.


      Hello Ankit,
      Thanks for the update, today we had a call with MS they told the same as you mentioned. After installing language pack need to install SSU and CU.

      If i inject all language packs to wim file then all languages will be available for all systems, Please correct me if i am wrong.
      If i user package model in TS is it the correct command “wusa.exe “*.msu”/quiet /norestart”


        1. Take a base wim with only en-US language pack.
        2. Create different source folder for different languages and copy this base wim to different folders.
        3. Now insert the language pack for different region everytime choosing respective source folder.
        4. With this approach you will have different operating system images with different languages.
        5. In task sequence add additional steps for choosing different operating system images according to language.

        Although this procedure will acquire more space for which you can do clean up maintenance.

        If you want to do via TS approach then build time will increase.

        Both methods have pros and cons.It depends on environment which is beneficial.

        Best answer

    Sorry.. Maybe I am unable to explain you properly.
    1. Windows 10 1909- Search is working with english, but having problem with other languages.
    (The language pack source file I have used that is released for win10-1903, it’s mention some technet site it’s comfortable with win10 1909 also).
    2. I have update the win10-1909 image with latest patches using SCCM(Schedule Update) but the problem remain same.
    3. When I have used the win10-1903 image with same language pack which is used for 1909 everything is working, like search/display settings etc.

    As per my understanding it’s a language pack issue.
    Please confirm one point is it correct that MS has released language pack for 1903 which is comfortable with 1909?
    Hopefully this time I am able to explain the issue correct way.


      I got your point 🙂 | As of now LP 1903 available, which is compatible with Windows 10 Version 1909. The search Issue functionality has been broken sometimes, many techies are also reported this. However I had similar problem with 1903 not 1909.

      + You can refer this post and perform some testing -

      As you almost tried everything from your end. The only thing you can do, Perform all scenarios… or Raise a ticket with Microsoft Support for better resolutions. Keep us update on progress.


    Small update from my side same features are worked correctly when i used 1903 image with same language packs. Actually the i have user language pack which was released for 1903 and some of the tech net article say same language pack is comfortable with 1909 also. Now please suggest what will be the next steps.


      What was your observation, If I understand correctly – With EN language Its working in both Windows 10 Version 1903\1909. Only getting issue when trying to install & use other language pack with same windows version ?

      I had similar issue with one of the language pack, But after updating windows to latest version. It got resolved, Please add more point that help us to identify the issues!!


    with default language (eng) search is working but is Task Manager SearchUI.exe details status is “Suspended”.
    While changing the language to FI or NL search is not working, In task manager SearchUI.exe not visible.
    Search service is running for both language.
    Windows version 10.0.18362.720.
    Ran the DISM command no luck.
    Search and Indexing troubleshooter didn’t find any problem.
    latest patch added to win10 _1909 image.
    Problem still same.


    Hello Amit, lets try to check this solution described in Microsoft Article.

    – Manually end the SearchUI.exe or SearchApp.exe process via Task Manager

    – Are you applying captured Image or vanilla Image.

    If its working with EN_US language! You should try to remove the applied language pack (Fr, Fi,GB) and record your observations.

    ——–Only for testing Purpose——–

    let us update with more details, whats wrong showing in Display settings ?


      Hello Jitesh,

      We are using vanilla Image.
      I am sorry but want to know what kind of observation is required. Like i said in En-Us all functionality is working as expected but when we change it to Finnish language search is not working and in display setting “Change the size of text,apps and others items” is ‘0%’ for english it’s 150%.
      If you guide what kind of information need i will capture by tomorrow and share it accross.


        Basically, you need to check after removing or changing the language whether search is working or not and other functionality settings for ex – Display settings as you mentioned.

        After performing each steps, note down your observations and share that help us to identify.

        It could also be possible Indexing options control panel broken and missing Registry Key, Dll.

        – Check Windows Search service is running.
        – Run the Search and Indexing troubleshooter.

        -Try to enable or disable features!

        • Run command prompt as Administrator.
        • Dism /Online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:”SearchEngine-Client-Package”
        • Dism /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:”SearchEngine-Client-Package”

        – Ensure Windows Image has latest patch installed, update to latest Build Version.

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