Hi Team,

I have an issue with OSD which is the SMS client is not installing through OSD in specific location. I have changed the MP in CCM installation step still issue persist. The same task sequence is working properly in other location. Also i cant find any smsts logs in the problematic machine.


Also i noticed  the _SMSTaskSequence folder is stored on D: partition. And content in the folder is showing like corrupted

D: partition is larger than C: partiton. Both partitions are encrypted during OSD

Below i can find from CCM step of TS in deployment.

14-07-21 04.37 AM,70,Setup Windows and Configuration Manager,Setup Operating System,The task sequence execution engine successfully completed an action,11134,0,… ount 1 for the source D:_SMSTaskSequencePackagesCAS00001 before releasing
Released the resolved source D:_SMSTaskSequencePackagesCAS00001
Exiting ConfigureEx: 0x00000000
Process completed with exit code 0
Installing hook to ‘C:Windows’
Command line for extension .EXE is “%1” %*
Set command line: “X:smsbinx64OSDSETUPHOOK.EXE” “/install:C:Windows” /version:10.0
Executing command line: “X:smsbinx64OSDSETUPHOOK.EXE” “/install:C:Windows” /version:10.0 with options (0, 0)
InstallingOSD setup hook
Setup hook install completed successfully
Process completed with exit code 0
Loading offline registry hive “C:Windowssystem32configsoftware” into HKLMOfflineRegistry1
Loading offline registry hive “C:Windowssystem32configsystem” into HKLMOfflineRegistry2
CurrentControlSet is mapped to ControlSet001
SMS Client is not installed
Unloading offline SOFTWARE registry hive
Unloading offline SYSTEM registry hive
Exiting with code 0x00000000




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    Hello Vivek,

    Do you able to install the client on a device with SCCM Console or Manually in that specific location? That will help to validate whether you having this issue while performing only OSD or any network-related activities causing an issue.

    Specifically, you need to check ccmsetup.log, client.msi.log located in c:\windows\ccmsetup\logs!

    Let us update with details


      Hi Jitesh,

      I can able to install the SCCM client via SCCM console and it is reporting back successfully. Also there is no folder or logs related to CCM during OSD, _SMSTaskSequence folder is stored on D: partition. And content in the folder is showing like corrupted.
      One thing noticed is when i tried to imaging in VM machine, SCCM client got successfully installed. Issue is happening in desktops and laptops.


      • Yes! During OSD Process, the client logs will not be located.

        Task Sequence variable SMSTSLocalDataDrive selects the largest disk during OS Deployment, In this case, if D: partition is larger than C: partition, then _SMSTaskSequence folder will be stored on D: partition.

        Are you adding any disk format steps or what’s the structure of TaskSequence! Is the same using across?

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          Hi Jitesh,

          There is a correction on my previous comment:- After the OSD process also i cant find any CCM related logs since sccm client is not installed.
          On answering your question normal disk format step is used in the beginning of TS. Yes same TS is used across locations.

          We have added the preprovision steps for bitlocker(both C and D drive) before the driver installation step. It is happening only for this particular location, we have confirmed the same.

          Is there any way to forcefully have _SMSTasksequence folder created on C drive instead of D during the Task sequence process.


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