Sysprep gets stuck ‘Processing generalize phase Sysprep plugins’ Then it boot loops loading files does not continue the capture


I am trying to capture Windows 10 2004. I selected litetouch.vbs –> provided the administrator credentials and The sysprep execution starts


while executing sysprep the VM boot loops loading files and power off.


I had created a new workbench with a deployment share but it also resulted in same scenario.


My current setup:

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Version 6.3.8456.1000

Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit Version 10.1.19041.1
Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit PE Add-ons 10.1.19041.1

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  1. Hello, Is there any update in progress ? Ensure it doesn’t download any update when sysprep execution has started. Try to fully patched the windows.

    Review the C:Windows\System32\Sysprep\setupact.log for detailed info and share your findings! That will help us to add inputs

    For sharing logs or screenshots you can use –

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