Targeted Device showing Account Password disable Deplyed WIM file Trough SCCM


Hello Guys,
We have recently implemented for Imaging Activity’s successfully Captured refrence image and deplyed WIM through SCCM  Tasksequence  wim file got Installed targeted system
Finally Image has been Installed but Device showing Login credentials pop-up Account password disable
Please give me valibule suggestions for achieving this…
Thanks for Advance

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    Yes Anoop,

    Test password has been showing Wrong

    Not checked network account access password

    We should check network access account please..??

  1. Can you pls elaborate a bit ?

    Are you sharing the screen shot of smsts log ?

    I think you need to walk through the following url to understand the process and troubleshoot

    Network access account is been used ?

    If so, Have you tried to test this account already ?

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