Two questions in regards to Operating system Troubleshooting


Hi guys i have two responsibilities provided by my company & any guidance would be helpful

1. How you guys are doing Hardware Benchmark Performance Test
2. Can some one provide me a blog about how to analyze windows crash dump

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  1. No further response hence closing the thread

  2. We use an internally developed tool to test the performance … but I think many of the organizations are moving away from this type of performance testing.

    After the release of Cumulative updates and auto-update drivers in the modern world of device management.

    But I agree you can argue that is kind of blindly believing on vendors.

    But Endpoint Analytics might help you with this in modern world


    thanks for reply its more of test done once image is created or updated with latest drivers/applications/patches to do some performance testing ,

    one of the tool this company provide PCMark 10 ,

    Wanted to know what tool do you use to do the same or if you have any open source or scripts to help do the necesary image & hardware testing.

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  3. 1. What you mean by Hardware Benchmark Performance Test…can you please elaborate a bit

    What is the purpose of the performance test? Is this for selecting the device model/vendor? If so there would be general free tools available.. would you be able to use that or are looking for any specific tool here?

    2. Windows Crash Dump – I never did this from my end. So no clue.

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