Unable to image Microsoft Surface Go


We are unable to image Surface Go Devices from our Imaging Task Sequence.


The Task Sequence finishes normally but when in last step it reboots and when we check file system through diskpart , it shows  the partition0 as RAW and machine is tuck on boot loop.


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    Nice,, The system is Known at the moment as we have had tried to image it and the TS is deployed for unknown computers. I have fixed it and will post new logs when it is done…

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    We are using SCCM 1906 environment. The Client OS is windows 10 1909. All other devices like Dell just works fine with same task sequence. how can I attach logs here ?

  1. Hello Naveen,

    – How you initiating the deployment through MDT or SCCM | MEMCM.
    – What are the steps you added in customization.
    – Please help with the logs for detailed analysis.

    I had experienced this issue with MDT by modifying LTIApply.wsf, It got resolved for me.

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