while in OSD pxe not booted for UEFI


Hello ,

PXE is not booted while we deploy OS in UEFI mode. DHCP,WDS are in same box and also client is in same network.
the error is PXE-E16: No offer received.
I have set the Option 66 and 67.
Their is no problem while we deploy O.S in BIOS mode.

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aravind srinivas 7 months 12 Answers 387 views Beginner 0

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  1. Hello Guys,

    Thanks for the support, Problem is now resolved.

  2. If you are planning to deploy windows 10 with uefi you should not use option 66 and 67. You need to configure the router to have ip-helper pointing at your pxe-point if the pxe-point are on different ip-scoop.

    Option 66 and 67 is for legacy boot windows 7…

  3. If client,DHCP and wds are in same network no need to configure option 66 and 67 . please remove both options and only configure option 60 and check .
    Ensure updatebios version is installed .
    Uefi option enable in bios

    Best answer
  4. Hello Aravind, Are you experiencing this issue in all UEFI Enabled systems ?

    If not – Probably You could try to update the BIOS as well.

  5. Did you configure port 66 and 67 on DHCP server ? If not please check with your network team if IP helper is configured properly.


  6. Hello Have you configured DHCP Conditional Access policies for UEFI .. as explained https://gal.vin/2017/05/05/pxe-booting-for-uefi-bios/

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