While upgrading to Window 10 1903 as a inplace upgrade in CB 1902


Hi All,

I am getting the error which is attached as a smsts.log , While upgrading to Window 10 1903 as a inplace upgrade in CB 1902. i have googled all the error but not able to trace the solution .

attaching the log file for reference.


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    From the commad line in the logs, i see that it is trying to run index 1. SETUP.EXE” /ImageIndex 1. please confirm the edition of machine on which you are running the TS, the configuration in the task sequence should match that. You need to make sure you select the correct index in the task sequence based on the edition of the machine where you are running the task sequence.
    If that doesn’t help, You need to attach SetupAct.log and SetupErr.log from C:Windows~BTSourcesPanther folder. Remember it is an hidden folder attach those log fiels and I will look into it. Also in the same folder if you see any XML files starting with “CompatData_2020”, attach those as well.

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  1. Hi Saurabh,

    smsts.log looks like some issue with your current windows version or any additional language pack is installed on the particular device. Please verify.



  2. 401 – Unsuccessful with anonymous access. Retrying with context credentials. is this because of Network Access Account ?

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