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  1. Hi, I have a working Win7 to Win10 inplace upgrade task sequence. Is there a way I can simulate rollback by breaking/deleting some files mid way through the upgrade? So far we have had all successful upgrades and haven’t been able to really demonstrate a rollback scenario. Thanks for any advice😊

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    Hello Madhusudan, Inplace upgrade that inbuilt Group Rollback with condition (_SMSTSSetupRollback equals True ) in case something goes wrong it will automatic rollback.

    _SMSTSSetupRollback – Specifies whether Windows Setup performed a rollback operation during an in-place upgrade. The variable values can be true or false [By Microsoft]

    You could try to modify the condition _SMSTSSetupRollback=FALSE to force Rollback group to run, even your upgrade process is successfully completed.

    Note – This is only for testing purpose in test environment. I haven’t tested.


      Hi Jitesh,

      Thanks for your response. Unfortunately ours is not the standard SCCM inplace upgrade task sequence template. Due to the ongoing covid situation, lot of our target Win7 users are home based and there is no clarity on when they will be back to office. Also as the customer was reluctant to use traffic over VPN or IBCM (anything from their data centers) for download of 5-6GB of packages, we are developing a custom solution for them.

      As part of the solution, we download the setup and driver files from a SharePoint online library locally onto Win7 computer using a Powershell script before the upgrade task sequence runs. And instead of using default Upgrade Assessment and Upgrade OS steps in the task sequence, we run command lines like below.

      “C:\upgradecontent\OS\SETUP.EXE” /ImageIndex 1 /auto Upgrade /quiet /noreboot /DynamicUpdate Disable /compat IgnoreWarning /compat ScanOnly


      “C:\upgradecontent\OS\SETUP.EXE” /ImageIndex 1 /auto Upgrade /quiet /installdrivers “C:\upgradecontent\Drivers” /noreboot /DynamicUpdate Disable /compat IgnoreWarning /showoobe None

      Because of this workaround, we don’t have the luxury of using inbuilt task sequence variables.

      So I am looking at any advise on simulating a upgrade failure and rollback to Win7. Something like deleting any key files before the final reboot into Win10.

      Thanks in advance.


        Thanks for update, You can perform the scenarios where installed drivers Applications, updates, hardware might not be compatible with upgrade! That will be a perfect real word scenarios testing.

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