Windows 10 upgrade from 1903 to 1909 and 2004


I put on post-processing, but the computer stops processing TS after rebooting.
Task Sequence:
Upgrade the Operating System:
cmd.exe /c “Setup.exe /Auto Upgrade /Quiet /NoReboot /DynamicUpdate Disable /Showoobe None /Telemetry Disable”
Restart Computer: 600 seconds.
Post-Processing: Remove Apps Windows 10 and Cleanup dir OS

It installs successfully, but the SCCM console still reports: “The task sequence execution engine performed a system reboot initiated be an action”

Help, how to solve problems so that TS starts after updating Windows?

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  1. Hope you might have already got resolution.
    Do you mind sharing here


    What magazines do you need to attach? SMSTS.log?

  2. No response hence closing the thread

  3. Is this happening for all the devices with IPU (in-place upgrade) tasks sequence or only with some subset of devices.

    I don’t see much details from the log files (SMSTS.log) and event logs in the thread.

    Without those details it would be difficult to troubleshoot

    Sometime this could a timing issue. After sometime the issue might get resolved automatically.

    Also, make sure you check all the logs mentioned in the following post to get some clue about the issue

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