WinPE starts and reboots


i am having an issue with OSD, my systems pxeboot and once winpe starts up it reboots. has anyone seein this and have any suggestions on why this might happen.

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    Hello Joe, Here’s the possible reason for this issue.

    – Ensure you have correct network drivers in the Boot Image.
    – Network is properly communicating to client device.
    – If its reverting in other stage make sure you don’t have MAC address already existed in
    Configuration Manager console.
    – Enable command prompt support, and check the connectivity, smsts.log for details.

    Please update on progress with more details!!


      This was working so the drivers. Are all correct. It stopped working I think when I updated to adk 2004 but it was working for some time after I upgraded. I was having a weird issue where the all the tabs wouldn’t show on the previous adk even after running the powershell script to fix it. So I upgraded and things got weirder. The same thing was happening with the tabs again. So last night I rolled back to 1903 adk updated all the boot wims and upgraded the adk to 2004 again I have updated the boot wim and recreated a new on and let it sit overnight to see make sure all updating and replication is complete. So we will see what today brings


      so i just tested and winpe starts up and gets to the network drivers then reboots the system. i pulled up f8 and i have a valid IP for the system.

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