Zero Touch deployment windows 10 for Remote Site


Hi Team,

I am working on requirement where Remote office has no IT guy and i need to image PC remotely.

Is there possibility if i can ask people to hook their PC on LAN cable and will deploy OSD so client will get new OS installed.

This will apply for both type of computer (Known / Unknown device)

i also want to monitor the process as i don’t want people should do the F12..

Just hook PC on LAN cable and computer will get OS install; all application, software, computer name will pass through SCCM console.



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Virender Rawat 3 months 5 Answers 128 views Beginner 0

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  1. Hello Vijender, Even when you will connect the PC to network. With Required deployment, You should boot from the Network and select the Task Sequence with SCCM.

    Instead this you can go with standalone media that will help you to fulfill the requirements.

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