Domain Controller is getting the yellow exclamation mark on on the network connection saying “No Internet Access”.


Tried all steps shown below but no luck

ObservationTroubleshooting :

1. The crowd strike agent disabled and rebooted the server but still issue remains
2. MS March security patches show installed
3. Tested if you can access this website: – Outcome note able to access.
4. Not able to add Crowd strike management console


1. Verify and Upgrade the NIC driver to the latest version.
2. Please verify the default gateway is correct
3. Modify Alternate DNS from to different DC IP
4. Try adding an external DNS server ( and verify the status by disabling and enabling the network interface.
5. Try uncheck the IPV6 network adapter and press OK
6. Change the registry setting value to 1 if it is 0, as shown below screenshot

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