MS store apps not installed through Intune MS store On win11


Hello Team,

We are facing an issue with app type- MS Store app (New) deployment, all applications have failed with Error-0x80248014 & others win32 app installed correctly. We have used the “Windows Autopilot For Existing Devices” Task sequence option to create a Windows 11 image.  Apps installed successfully if we reset the device and enroll it again then it’s worked. We are using a Hybrid autopilot profile.

From my perspective, something with an Image, but please share your thoughts.

MECM version:2303

ADK: 10.1.25398.1

Windows 11: 22h2 Pro

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  1. 0x80248014 means An operation did not complete because the service is not in the data store. Source: Windows Update Agent.

    Is there any proxy issue?

    Did you try the vanilla image?

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