Deploy Win10 Customized image using Intunes


Dear All,

I have one requirement where I need to deploy Win10 Customized image using Intunes-Autopilot using USB bootable only.

Is it possible with Intunes & Autopilot if yes can anyone please share the steps to configure & test the same if anyone has done this before in a live environment?

I am a beginner too intense, so if any layman document you will share or steps it will be very big help for me.

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  1. Alternatively, you can look for this solution added from Community post for deploying Image and let us update how it works –


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  2. I think you need to build a bootable USB with a customized image and leave autopilot to configure the rest of the configuration from the OOBE screen onward.

    Just follow the generic bootable media with Windows 10 customized images.

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