Do we have any troubleshooting guide for Autopilot with errorcode? I am trying Hybrid and get Error OOBEAADV10 any help to troubleshot


During Hybrid AD Join Autopilot, getting Error OOBEAADV10

(without Whiteglove ) testing on a VM

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    oobeaadv10 is a generic oobe error that occurs due to deadlocks between the different background oobe processes, may also sometime occurs due to bad network as one of the important process during oobe is the windows update process which checks to get the zero day updates patched during the oobe. This error in general has nothing to do with autopilot and can occur for a normal device provisionig via oobe as well.

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  1. Hello Mr Gem – I think we need more details from the following event log to understand the issue better
    Application and Services Logs –> Microsoft –> Windows –> ModernDeployment-Diagnostics-Provider –> AutoPilot

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