Domain join failed during Autopilot reset


Dear members follow objective: Domain join after autopilot reset with always on vpn, Issue: The issue is that the Always On VPN is not being triggered by the logon action, but if I use a local user to see the system, just after the logon the VPN is enabled. Any idea how to make the AOVPN be triggered at the logon screen?

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  1. As per MS docs, the following 3 are the triggers Always-on VPN….

    1. User sign-in
    2. Network change
    3. Device screen on

    Device Screen ON is your scenario?

    Have you already use the following setting?

    When a device has multiple profiles with Always On triggers, the user can specify the active

    > profile in Settings > Network & Internet > VPN > VPN profile by selecting the Let apps automatically use this VPN connection checkbox.

    More details

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