Hardware hash upload of existing hybrid-joined machines to Intune



We have 130,000 hybrid-joined machine that need to be onboarded for Autopilot. We have a default SCCM report for the same.

But for 130,00 devices, I received a csv file output (From SCCM report) of 520 MB, which cannot be imported in Intune portal and moreover the maximum limit is 1000 machines at a time to import in one-go.

Could you suggest the best way to import hardware hash of 130,000 machines.



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  1. Can’t we enable Cloud attach from SCCM? https://www.anoopcnair.com/sync-between-sccm-intune-portal-tenant-attach/

    Also once the devices are there in Intune – https://www.anoopcnair.com/repurpose-existing-devices-windows-autopilot/#Options_%E2%80%93_Repurpose_Existing_Devices_to_Windows_Autopilot

    I have explained 4 options… so if you skip option #1 … you can refer to other options? How to Convert Existing Intune Devices to Windows Autopilot

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