Having to enter credentials twice during windows 11 Autopilot profile deployment


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I have been facing an issue with Windows 11 Autopilot deployment process where it asks me to choose the country and language twice during the process. First device boots up and I have to choose it and then it restarts again and asks me to do the same process again and then it goes on with the Autopilot process and takes me to the ESP page.

Is it a default behaviour and if not why this happens and how to troubleshoot? Thanking in advance.


Shashi Dubey

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  1. Windows Autopilot OOBE screen customization is not working for all of the users or only one user?

    If it’s for all of the users, then check whether your image is not having any problem or you are using an OEM image.

    If this is only for one device, the best option is to reimage the device and check whether you can reproduce the problem.

    And also, have a network trace done to understand more details ..if you are still having the issue … or raise a ticket with Microsoft. More details on Windows Autopilot troubleshooting https://www.anoopcnair.com/windows-autopilot-troubleshooting-guide/


      HI Team,

      Thanks for the reply !

      Would sure to follow the suggestion pointed above however has anyone encountered any issue while doing the Autopilot for windows 11 for Azure Ad joined devices as it is asking me to enter the user ID and password twice.

      It asks for one then we would see the device getting restarted and after putting the credentials again it takes us to the OOBE page.

      Shashi Dubey

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