Hybrid AD join using autopilot in corporate network with proxy


Hi all,

I am trying to do hybrid ad join autopilot in corporate network which has a proxy for internet.

I need to know when we are providing pc to user he don’t want to enter proxy information by opening CMD prompt

End user needs to directly enter the upn and password and it should do hybrid join.

What is the best way what are all way to achieve it in proxy environment with out providing proxy

Please let me know





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karthic k 8 months 2 Answers 146 views Beginner 0

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  1. Hi Karthigeyan

    If you are looking for solution or support.
    Please find the User Voice forum which have similar question. Still it looks there is not much in there.

    However If using IE Proxy use WPAD to automate. Also as outline in MICHAEL NIEHAUS article


    Best answer
  2. This should be sorted out from Proxy server side.

    But the best discussion points are explained by MICHAEL NIEHAUS


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