Manage multiple domain join profiles for name prefixes. Can it be done?



I have a customer who we are deploying HAAJ devices using Autopilot and co-management with 2010 MECM.

At the moment I have one domain join profile using a certain prefix. The customer would like to have an additional 4 prefixes based on different areas of the business.

I am thinking how best to do this. Would I need to create multiple OUs in AD with the correct delegation for the Intune Connector and then just create multiple domain join configuration profiles which target a different Azure AD group and Autopilot profile for this to be achieved.

At the moment importing device hashes is being done using a script in MECM which creates the CSV but we don’t use an order ID. Would I need to employ this to ensure the device is able to receive a different AP profile?

Many Thanks

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    I don’t recommend using computer naming standards. Is there any specific reason to use naming standards …

    Maybe you can ahead and use order ID to control it because that is the modern way of grouping devices…

    BTW, I don’t have much experience with real-world scenarios of managing HAAJ with specific naming standards.

    I do follow naming standards for WVD but I don’t make it so complex because that would be very difficult to manage when we migrate from HAAJ to AADJ (futuristic design maybe?)

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