Manage multiple domain join profiles for name prefixes. Can it be done?



I have a customer who we are deploying HAAJ devices using Autopilot and co-management with 2010 MECM.

At the moment I have one domain join profile using a certain prefix. The customer would like to have an additional 4 prefixes based on different areas of the business.

I am thinking how best to do this. Would I need to create multiple OUs in AD with the correct delegation for the Intune Connector and then just create multiple domain join configuration profiles which target a different Azure AD group and Autopilot profile for this to be achieved.

At the moment importing device hashes is being done using a script in MECM which creates the CSV but we don’t use an order ID. Would I need to employ this to ensure the device is able to receive a different AP profile?

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    You can do this.
    The only problem is server error while pulling the domain join profile during autopilot process.
    Because in your case you have to deploy different profile to different group and recommendation is to deploy DJP on all devices which you can not do.

  1. I don’t recommend using computer naming standards. Is there any specific reason to use naming standards …

    Maybe you can ahead and use order ID to control it because that is the modern way of grouping devices…

    BTW, I don’t have much experience with real-world scenarios of managing HAAJ with specific naming standards.

    I do follow naming standards for WVD but I don’t make it so complex because that would be very difficult to manage when we migrate from HAAJ to AADJ (futuristic design maybe?)

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