Managed Apps Status is showing “waiting for install status” after performing hybrid Ad joined Autopilot ?


So we are performing hybrid AD joined Autopilot and all win32 apps are installing correctly. We verified win32 apps installed successfully by running Get-AutopilotESPStatus -AllSessions PowerShell command .But Managed apps  section is still showing “waiting for install status” even for old autopiloted systems.

We rebooted the systems multipal times even services also but no luck. When we are checking the status of same application against specific device, it is showing installed.

Any Idea why  managed apps section is showing “waiting for install status” ?

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  1. Health status of your intune tenant is ok?

    Do you have a different tenant to test this

    I don’t think this is something to do with your configuration casing issue

    It’s more likely an isssue on the Microsoft side

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  2. I have seen this or similar issues many times.

    In my experience this will get automatically fixed after 1 or 2 hours (I have seen this takes up to 4-5 hours as well)

    There could be a problem with intune service.

    You can also check the win32 logs at the client side.

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