“Required” machine count not updated for autopilot devices


I am trying to deploy feature update.

“Required” state message is not getting updated for auto pilot devices. It’s getting updated for sccm managed devices.

Please share your thoughts on this.

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    Hi Anoop,

    Thanks much.
    We are using co-management
    Feature update – we need to deploy via sccm
    Security updates – via intune rings

    When we change dual scan value from registry – any one above operation can be performed.
    Any suggestions how to achive both.

    • I don’t know to be honest

      Once you move the workload to Intune …then both will get automatically moved to WUfB..

      I don’t know whether there is any option like you explained above.


    In sccm console – for feature update – under servicing panel – After scan completes “Required” machines are showing less.
    Other machines are getting scanned and it shows in “not required”
    Not sure how other win 10 pc goes to not required state.
    Maybe it takes time to get visible in “required”

  1. Can you please elaborate on it a bit?

    Because I don’t know what you mean “Required” state message

    Where you can see this required state message

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