Using AutoPilot script 5.6 by Michael Niehaus


Hi Autopilot admins

Has anyone used the autopilot diagnostics tool to help them troubleshoot their AP deployments?

It’s a very useful script.

I am trying to run this on a failed AP build however but seem to be getting an issue

“An empty pipe element is not allowed”

For anyone who has run, have you had this issue?


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isotonic_uk 2020-10-12T14:13:42+05:30 2 Answers 445 views Beginner 0

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    Hi Jitesh its ok I managed to resolve the issue.
    The formating of the PS script for some reason turned it into HTML code.
    I had to redownload and it was fine.
    This is a great script btw, really helped me troubleshoot an Autopilot build.

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  1. Hello! Can you please add the screenshots using

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