Windows Autopilot unexpectedly starts on the end-user computers


Hi Experts, Windows Autopilot unexpectedly starts on some of the Pilot end-user computers for One of my projects. Context: We are currently deploying MFA solution Windows Hello for Business on some pilot users (30 users) Half of them have Autopilot which is automatically started on their Surface Pro laptop and users are finally blocked on the Autopilot assistant page.  To deploy MFA, pilot users are added on a Cloud Security Group (device group). MFA Solution is Windows Hello for Business (Hello Face + PIN Code for remote users and Hello Face + Network Signal for onsite users).


All these devices are already enrolled and managed by Intune. Post policy updates and user restarts computers they get windows autopilot page instead of Windows hello prompt.


Any advice or suggestion to narrow down root cause and prevent this happening for further implementation.

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  1. Are you sure that this is the Windows Autopilot screen or Enrollment Status Page?

    I’m sure it’s the ESP screen, not the Autopilot screen.

    Someone must have changed the ESP policies. I have seen this happening for VMs etc …

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