Bitlocker Key Tenant to Tenant Migration without Intune



I am working on a Tenant to Tenant migration and we have Bitlocker Recvory Keys configured via GPO and they are also synced in our old AAD Tenant. We are not using Intune right now. The devices are registered in old AAD not joined.
My question is there a “best practise” way to get them in the new tenant?

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  1. Someone told me one day that you must not ask for “best practice” for new topics like this .. Azure AD Tenant to Tenant migration of Bitlocker Recvory Keys.

    Can you provide more details how would you like to migrate from Azure AD tenant to another one without changing the device management configurations? Are you using SCCM.


      Hi, thanks for your quick reply. We are currently migrating a smaller company to our tenant. They don’t have any MDM Solution. As far as i know theres only a GPO for Bitlocker encryption.
      Exchange and SharePoint is already migrated or in progress, we only have some uncertainties about the Bitlocker keys.

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