Feature upgrade 20H2-Edge Chromium issue


Hi Team,

I have upgraded 20H2 from 1909, We have already targeted Edge Chromium 87 version using package mode. As we know edge chromium 84 already part of 20H2 default,

After feature upgrade we are getting two entries in ARP for both 84 and 87 edge chromium. After upgrade when we are trying to upgrade edge 84 to latest version through SCCM patch update not able to upgrade. Please help

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    Yes, Edge chromium 84 comes with Vanilla image, we can handle this in Wipe and load deployment. But when we are doing feature upgrade, it’s downgrading to 84 version to 87 and not able to upgrade directly with SCCM patch update.

    Could you please suggest how to handle through feature update scenarios.


    Hi Sir,
    Yes, issues for all windows 10 devices when upgrading with 20H2,

    We don’t have Beta or Dev version, Edge 87 has been installed across organization, I checked in settings -> apps -> apps & features it’s showing 84. but in ARP i can see both the version 87 and 84.

    If i run reinstall command using 87 version using same MSI package then update through SCCM patch, it’s work.

    But how to prevent installing 84 version during 20H2 feature upgrade.


      Does it seem this is a bug probably with 20H2?

      Can you please check with a vanilla image of 20H2 to confirm whether this comes with the 84 version?

      Also, you can use PowerShell commands to remove the 84 version via PowerShell script?


    Do you see this issue for all Windows 10 devices?
    Make sure you are not deploying the Beta or Dev versions of Microsoft Edge Chromium.

    Can you provide more details about Edge versions from open settings -> apps -> apps & features for each edge entry, click on it

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