In Place Upgrade Task Sequence for Win 10 20H2


I am trying to build an SCCM 2006 In Place Upgrade Task Sequence for Win 10 20H2. One requirement is to keep modern applications such as Calculator, StickyNotes, BingWeather and few other unchanged. The target systems that will be upgraded have only few modern apps (for security reasons other ones have been removed when Win 10 189 was installed), but when IPU Task Sequence runs, Microsoft WIM from the ISO is applied, and all default modern applications are installed, which is not desired.
How to keep what modern apps are there and not add anything else? We have scripts that remove all modern apps, and re-install the required ones but sometimes they need troubleshooting and should be a better way.

I was told by my colleagues there is a new functionality in SCCM 2006 or later to achieve the same result – in place upgrade should not change Modern Application that are in the machine.
Any suggestions are welcomed, I cannot find URL for this new functionality.

For the time being we are using PowerSHell scripts that need review every time we deploy new OS via IPU.

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    One option is to use Microsoft store for business to sync all inbuilt apps you want to remove and run and uninstall deployment.

    Does that make sense?

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      Thank you for the quick answer.

      Will have to try this solution, hopefully it is allowed in the enterprise environment we have. If I understand it correctly, the steps would be (1) remove all modern apps, and (2) synch the modern apps I need to keep using MSFB. But can this be done in a IPU task sequence?

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