Microsoft Security Solution Info McAfee AV, EDR and DLP to Microsoft AV , EDR & DLP


Hi Experts,

I am looking to move from existing workstation and servers security solution McAfee AV , EDR and DLP to Microsoft AV , EDR & DLP . Could you please help with the feature comparison of the security to get more understanding ? Also help with the information with the prerequisites or onboarding details to Microsoft AV , EDR & DLP.

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  1. Moving away from McAfee AV, EDR and DLP to Microsoft solution such as defender, EDR & DLP is a big project. I don’t think there would any comparison document that would be freely available.

    You will need to go through McAfee architecture and solution documentation which you might have already and then compare it with Microsoft solution documentation from their docs site.

    Prepare list of features. Always don’t depend only on features. But mainly look at the future possibilities of the product and integration with eco system such as Azure Sentinel etc…

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