Pin icons to the taskbar using PowerShell


I would like to be able to pin icons to the taskbar using PowerShell within Windows 10 (instead of using group policy). Is there any way that this can be done within Windows 10?

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    What exactly you looking to do? want to Pin Firefox shortcuts to taskbar

    First Check that Path of application, Right Click/ Open File location / Application Name.lnk

    Replace with Application shortcut path in XML File-

    As Kannan suggested, Best to refer MS article –

    Here two options you had, Whether you want to remove all existing or default pinned app (File Explorer, Mail) and add own app

    Or You want to Keep default apps and add your own

    According create the xml file and test it manually before executing with SCCM.


    Adding to Kannan Point, You can refer to the below post to configure the taskbar with a layout XML file.


    Best answer

    you can create the xml scripts and deploy to windows OS. you can deploy the script using task sequence method.
    1. First copy the script to C drive of windows 10 device
    2. Call the C driver script to install on the local windows 10 computer.

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