Print Nightmare Vulnerability


Earlier during the time of nightmare we have applied modify permission temporarily.

Now again we are having this issue

Only if we give modify permission to drivers folder we can able to configure printer from VPSX tool.

I ve tried setting few registry and that does not work as well


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    Yeah this update is installed.
    As of now only if we provide modify permission to driver folder. The print configuration works from VPSX tool.

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  1. These are the patches for All Windows 10 Versions – Have you installed these?

    1. Windows 10 for x64-based Systems – February 8, 2022—KB5010358 (OS Build 10240.19204)

    2. Windows 10 for 32-bit Systems – February 8, 2022—KB5010358 (OS Build 10240.19204)

    Tried following this and I am not able to install any of KBs in win 10 1909

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