Re-enroll a retired co-managed windows 10 device.


If a co-managed Windows 10 device is retired from Intune, that device is still found in SCCM. But what is the proper way to re-enroll that device back to Intune??


The device details are given below


Device – Windows 10

Managed – Co-managed

Join type – Hybrid Azure AD joined

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  1. I think it’s better to use the existing reprovisioning method for SCCM managed devices. Do you see any challenges with reprovisioning of these Windows 10 devices with exisitng process?

    If so, please share the points so that I can try to help


      Hi Anoop,

      Thank you for answering.

      Till now I have tried the user enrollment with Company Portal, it won’t work for the end-users as they don’t have the administrative privileges.

      And as I don’t have prior experience with SCCM, I’m not sure how to reprovision a device. If you can explain how it is usually done, I can check the same with my team.

      Thank You

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