SCCM powerplan not working for VDI via collection


Guys, I’m trying to deploy SCCM custom power plan for VDI via SCCM collection but im seeing its not taking desired effect on VDI’s.same working fine on laptop and desktop. is there any limitation for VDI to manage powerplan via SCCM collection. appreciate any input. thanks.

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    Thanks Jitesh for your response.

    Configuration Manager power management is not supported on virtual machines. Therefore you cannot apply power plans to virtual machines, nor can you report power data from them.

    Please refer to this article for more information.,report%20power%20data%20from%20them.

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    Hello Akshay, Had you tried to apply any custom Power Plan to VDI without help of SCCM ? I haven’t checked yet. You can try running the command powercfg /l to see available options. For Virtual machines, Power plan will not take effect.

    For VDI you can check the recommended power options –

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