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Hi All,

I am using Teams Machine wide installer to install Microsoft teams in my environment. We are facing random issue on set of 100 devices which have more than 100 user profiles , those are presentation machines and shared between many users.

Randomly we are seeing when user logs in teams app doesn’t show , however can see teams machine wide installer is present inside C:Program files(x86)Teams Installerteams.exe on machine. Machine wide installer triggers machine wide installer and installs inside user %LocalAppdata%Microsoftteams.

For any new user when logs into same machine , it works fine however for any existing user profile randomly when logs in teams app doesnt show.

For exisiting user I can see teams.exe inside %localappdata% present but it is not showing in search.


Any guidance suggestion is welcomed.

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  1. Hi,

    I didn’t understand “any existing user profile randomly when logs in teams app doesn’t show’ question.
    You mean other users are trying to login teams with their profile or different profile?

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