To enable media pack in windows enterprise N version OS.


Hi Team,

We support china location where they use OS ” 1909 – Windows Enterprise N “.

Need to enable media pack feature in OS which is part of build using some automation method.

We have SCCM and Intune, co-managed environment.

Please advise,


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  1. Have you tried to deploy this powershell with sccm or intune ?

    Get-WindowsCapability -online | Where-Object -Property name -like “*media*” | Add-WindowsCapability -Online


      Thanks Anoop for your suggestion.

      I tried deploying the above script using intune, it deploys succeeds. But when i check in the end user machine, the installed mediapack is not showing up under settings->apps->optional features.

      Then i tried with below scripts also, but status is same.

      Get-WindowsCapability -online | Where-Object -Property name -like “*mediafeaturepack*” | Add-WindowsCapability -Online

      And have checked for registry path , look for windows feature, but didnt appear in both the scenario.


      Request you advise in deploying this script successfully.


      Hi Anoop,
      Any help or suggestion

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