VMs(Windows10) in Azure


Hi Anoop sir


During the free Intune training we been taught Intune using VMs(WINDOWS 10) ..I believe these are created from Azure right?


If yes, may I know if there are any prerequisites to yse VMs windows 10 in Azure because

I have pay as you go subscription

Rdp port 3389 is opened

But still i get different kinds of rdp issues…may i know if you could help

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Santhosh P 4 weeks 2021-02-08T18:41:36+05:30 4 Answers 9 views Beginner 0

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    Will win 10 VMs not work in “pay as you go” subscription

  1. Your understanding is correct. We used Windows 10 VMs in Azure.

    It won’t work with a trial subscription

    You can also use Bastion instead of RDP ..that is what I used during the training

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