Windows 10 1909 feature update


We have deployed 1909 feature update as an application. For few machines it got successful but for few it’s asking to install from software center then machine gets rebooted then again asking for install. Loop goes like this.

Steps we have performed as per the log:

Stopped and started services (BITS,emi,windowsuodate,smsgagenthost,windowsinstaller).

Renamed software distribution folder

Deleted download contents from software distribution folder

Ran sfc , ran DISM commands (clean image , restore heath). Deleted wmi object and refreshed policies. Sccm client clean reinstall. Can someone please guide me with more troubleshooting steps? What should I do?



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    Hello sir,
    I checked both logs under panther folder. Setuperr and setuact both are empty after reboot. On few machines it’s getting install but on few having this issue.
    Pre-reqs (language packs only) are installed on those machines but the feature update is failing.

  1. I think the issues is more to do with setup upgrade component not with any other component
    try to check panther folder and setup related logs to find out more details why the changes are getting reverted …

    I think the OS is getting roll back after restart as per your description above …

    some more details in the below post

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