Windows 10 RDP Freezes Intermittently



Want to know if anyone have faced the Windows 10 RDP connection freeze issue during lockdown period?

Users are logged into personal windows 10 laptop and connected to network on VPN, then from laptop they are remotely logging into workstations at office, they are using high end design application for rendering etc.

Steps check till now:

  1. Compared different machines of same model and some are facing issue and some are not, but there is no difference in terms of softwares, patches, hardware specs etc., graphics card etc.
  2. Checked if antivirus is causing issue , but CPU and memory are at low when issue occurs.
  3. Disconnecting and reconnecting same machine on RDP works.
  4. Same department users when at office,connected to network  and RDP remote machine there is no issue at all.

Next action plan:

  1. There is one known issue highlighted at different forums that it can be due to mstsc client on windows 10 machine as something has changed in transmission protocol to use UDP packets , need to disable a registry key so that it falls to use TCP protocol.
  2. Try to see if user is getting same issue when using Remote control viewer of sccm by providing them access to test.
  3. Change the Display ‘ chose color depth of remote session’ to 16 or 32 bit in the RDP option.
  4. Try RDP client from Microsoft store and see if still issue is there.

Any other suggestion or any one faced same issue can highlight the point.



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    After doing different troubleshooting steps and at the end only finding solution that enabling UDP client off settings in local group policy , Microsoft has also confirmed that this is a known big on which Microsoft is still working and tentative date to release fix is April 2021 and till now only workaround available is to enable this setting.

    Best answer

    Thanks for the brief explanation of the issue.
    Please correct me if i am wrong on any of the points below:

    1. You said Personal device. So it’s similar to BYOD concept.
    2. Are there any policies applying for the machines not owned by your organization but still connecting to the on-premises devices when connected to VPN from the personal device?
    3. The machine they are connecting has screensaver enabled and plays when left alone for few minutes?
    4. Is there any power settings getting applied to these machines available in your office? You said “Compared different machines of same model and some are facing issue and some are not, but there is no difference in terms of software’s, patches, hardware specs etc”. How about checking the drivers if it matches with your problematic machine and non-problematic machine?
    5. Hope you are not using PALO ALTO firewall. If yes then you need to make sure auth is bypassed as PALO ALTO needs authentication once in 24 hours (This is totally depends on the org as it’s configurable).
    6. Did you installed Wireshark and monitored the traffic over 3389?
    7. Can we do port mirroring for the working as well as not working machines? This is going to give us some idea. Hope both working and not working RDP Clients are in same V-LAN.
    8. What’s the VPN we are using here? I am assuming if PALO ALTO firewall then it will be global protect.
    9. Did we run SFC on the not working machine? As Anoop Sir suggested did we upgrade RDP Client software as well?
    10. Do the machines become responsive as soon as we disconnect and re RDP? As you said reconnecting it works. The actual freezes time vary or it’s same always?
    11. Did we reset the socket and tried? netsh winsock reset – We can try. Hope you don’t have F.lux software installed in any of those. We saw that back in 2017 for windows 7.
    12. Hope the remote machines available in your office has Disconnect all USB devices just for testing. Also Download latest chipsetdrivers, Update network drivers and BIOS. Hope no driver boosters installed in these problematic machines.


      Sorry for typing personal device, it’s office provide laptop users using at home and connected via vpn.

      So right now have got some results, provided access to use RC viewer and user did used it and there was no freeze at all.

      Have disable the policy turn udf off for clients on both remote and local machine and it is not freezing at all.

      Next step is to involve network team and do troubleshooting

  1. 1. I have not seen details about the user’s network connectivity from home? Is this something you have already considered?

    2. The next option to take a network trace and analyze this option.

    3. Have you tried the latest RD client?

    P.S -> I have seen this issue with some of the issues explained here – I don’t know whether there is anything similar to this for RDP. I don’t think so.

    Also, UDP is better than TCP connections in terms of performance


      Thanks Anoop yes i will be following the steps, new RDP client step by step.

      Yes UDP connection is better but still people have faced the issue on 1903 and 1909 windows 10 and disabling the UDP connection via group policy it has fixed for many of them.

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