windows 10 upgrade error



i am getting below error in setuperr.log for few machines:

CONX 0xd0000034 Failed to add user mode driver [%SystemRoot%system32DRIVERSUMDFuicciso.dll]

We are using windows system upgrade package with TS.

Please suggest…



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    Make sure that your device has enough space. Your device requires at least 16 GB of free space to upgrade a 32-bit OS, or 20 GB for a 64-bit OS.

  1. Which version of Windows 10 in use here? Can you check the log files mentioned below to help you further?

    1. Setupact.log

    2. Try to run SetupDiag tool to get more details and search for the following key words in the log.

    Exit Code: will help you get the logs

    SetupDiag works by examining Windows Setup log files. It attempts to parse these log files to determine the root cause of a failure to update or upgrade the computer to Windows 10.


      Hi Anoop,

      Thanks for replying, can you guide how can i attached the log file for more visibility, i ran setupdiag but couldn’t find much.
      it says
      ” warning:Setup was executed with a /compact ScanOnly command line switch and exited with the appropriate exit code.
      if you wish to update this system, remove the /compactScanOnly switch from the command line.”

      Also, there is one driver reported in migration block in compact file in within panther folder.
      FileName: CougarPointUSB.inf
      I checked each and every USB hive but could find this one.

      Best answer

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