Windows update fails with Error 0x800f0900


Windows update fails with Error 0x800f0900

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    Previous updated were installed successfully and when I check in WUA handler log file the error shows like – Installation job encountered some failures. Job Result = 0x80240022.

    Do you need any other information required. Please let me know.

    • 0x80240022 – Operation failed for all the updates.

      The flows which you need to check things from client side
      1. UpdateStore.log to know the status of the updates?
      2. Updatedeployment.log – % of Download completed? Status = ciStateInstalling, PercentComplete = 16,
      a. added to the targeted list of deployment
      b. Progress: Status = ciStateDownloading, PercentComplete = 0, Result = 0x0
      c. Progress: Status = ciStateWaitInstall, PercentComplete = 0, DownloadSize = 0, Result = 0x0
      d. Progress: Status = ciStateInstalling, PercentComplete = 89, DownloadSize = 0, Result = 0x0
      e. Progress: Status = ciStateInstalling, PercentComplete = 100, DownloadSize = 0, Result = 0x0
      f. Progress: Status = ciStatePendingSoftReboot, PercentComplete = 0, DownloadSize = 0, Result = 0x0
      g. Progress: Status = ciStateInstallComplete, PercentComplete = 0, DownloadSize = 0, Result = 0x0
      h. Job completion received.
      3. CCMSDKProvider.log – Get client agent settings…Getting reboot setting whether to show dialog instead of notification

      1. Locationservices.log – Check whether it’s able to find WSUS Path= and Distribution Point with patches
      2. WUAHandler.log to check whether scan is completed or not
      3. Updatedeployment.log – Check for deadline of the assignment and Software Updates client configuration policy, DetectJob completion received for assignment, Added update (Site_, PercentComplete, etc…
      4. Execmgr.log – Execution is complete for program Software Updates Program
      5. RebootCoordinator.log – Reboot related things

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  1. Hello Lokesh, Could you please add the Windows Version you’re using! Are there any updates installed in your system previously, Adding screenshots would be much helpful?

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