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Category : Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager is the device management solution provided by Microsoft. This solution is the on-premises version of the device management solution.

As per Microsoft, this is the most used device management solution in the world.


Hi All, Hi All, I'm trying to create a report that will give me the "Status", and "Error Description", I get from the Device Summary section in the "Assets Message" window under the "Details" tab for each system. I'm looking to get ...

Dear Friends,   I have two different two scenarios issue:   A: Through Windows Feature Update, we have created 22h2 and deployed to 21h2 windows 10 machines. And the console its showing success and compliant. And the windows 10 machines Control panel its showing ...

Dear all DP Issue:: Scenario:: We have one primary site and multiple distribution points(in different domains). Some of the domains are having trust and some not. Let me come to the issue. There was trust between 2 domains and suddenly due to the ...

New Remote Distribution Installation is getting failed Site server already added administrator roles and features already installed Firewall is off It's a Hypervisor VM Getting below errors CWmi::Connect(): ConnectServer(Namespace) failed. - 0x80010002 CWmi::Connect(): ConnectServer(Namespace) failed. - 0x800706ba CWmi::Connect() failed to connect to xxxxxxx.comp.comrootCIMv2. Error = 0x800706BA DPConnection::ConnectWMI() - Failed ...