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Category : Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager is the device management solution provided by Microsoft. This solution is the on-premises version of the device management solution.

As per Microsoft, this is the most used device management solution in the world.


Feature Update Windows 10v21H2 x64 En-Us installation failed with error "Delivery Optimization: Download of a file saw no progress within the defined period." I have SCCM 2103 version.  WuAHandler.log has following warning message, " Feature Update installation failed with error Delivery ...
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7 days 2 Answers 8 views Beginner

The application which I created in my LAB stuck at zero percentage since beginning. I don't see any issue with the boundary or boundary group. I re configured the IIS, MP and DP, but no luck. The local windows firewall ...
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2 weeks 1 Answer 10 views Beginner

Using Cloud Deployment model Virtual machine Scale Set. Able to deploy CMG, having issue in CMG connection point. It is showing as disconnected.   Getting below error in SMS_CLoud_ProxyCOnnector.log ERROR: Failed to build HttpV2 connection 4ee8a8a5-f286-48bb-b5ae-2e6cf39f6e44 with server CMGSP120589.CLOUDAPP.NET:443. Exception: System.Net.WebException: The remote name ...
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2 weeks 2 Answers 3 views Beginner

I'm settings up a lab, Can some one help to answer the below queries   What would be the recommended firewall settings for a SCCM lab infra ( Do I need to turn OFF the firewall always) What are ports need to open ...
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2 weeks 1 Answer 13 views Beginner