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Category : Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager is the device management solution provided by Microsoft. This solution is the on-premises version of the device management solution.

As per Microsoft, this is the most used device management solution in the world.


Hi Team, we have a script it will query primary and secondary DNS and provide it is functioning or not. It will be captured in a text file local drive" we want to execute the script from sccm and capture the ...
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1 day 1 Answer 3 views Beginner

In my environment I am getting below messages on many machines. 0x80d02002: Delivery Optimization: Download of a file saw no progress within the defined period. 0x80d03805: Unknown Error (-2133837819) Can you please let me know the any solution if you ...
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6 days 1 Answer 21 views Beginner

I'm newbee to SSRS Reports. Can you please assist me on custom report? Report should have Customer Full name, ID, Department(Division) Name, Software Name, OS details. Example: RamaRaju raju0001 IT Adobe Acrobat Pro Windows 10 1909 This is report for computer with specific software ...
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6 days 3 Answers 12 views Beginner