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Category : Intune

Microsoft Intune related question- Troubleshooting tips can be shared here

We have around 250 devices that need to deploy the "Egnyte Desktop App" I have success tested the deployment process via guide available: Egnyte Desktop App for Windows Mass Deployment – Egnyte and had the installation done all is working ...
39 mins 0 Answers 2 views Beginner

we are having windows 10 system patching with Intune and observed that random users system is not gettting update and seeing error " We couldn't connect to the update service. We'll try again later, or you can check now. If ...
in progress 0
1 month 2 Answers 16 views Beginner

We have deployed(Testing) GPOs using Intune GPO analytics now how to check Intune policies is reaching to a device or not? where to check?
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1 month 1 Answer 7 views Beginner

Hi team, Is it possible to create single category (container or anything) for 20 applications and deploy them on groups in Intune? Usually we need to deploy single application one by one on perticular group. Can we do it in single ...
solved 0
3 months 1 Answer 39 views Beginner