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Category : Windows Autopilot

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Hi all, I am doing hybrid domain join autopilot everything works until the device registration and fails on joining organization network (account setup stage). In event viewer it shows error attached files,in aad it shows registration pending and dsregcmd /status result ...
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3 months 8 Answers 25 views Beginner

Hi All Does anyone have any recommendations on ensuring the device is fully patched before shipping to the end user? We are currently using white glove to deploy and install all the apps which seems to be working well but was ...
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6 months 1 Answer 63 views Beginner

Hi Autopilot admins Has anyone used the autopilot diagnostics tool to help them troubleshoot their AP deployments? It's a very useful script. I am trying to run this on a failed AP build however but seem to be getting an issue "An empty ...
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6 months 2 Answers 112 views Beginner